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Legendary Forests

Legendary Forests

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  • Description
    8bit MockUp (8?????????) is a multiplayer solitaire game akin to Take it Easy! or Karuba as each player has an identical set of tiles and plays the same tile at the same time to their own tableau but where each player places each tile may differ... In more detail each player creates their own world by connecting the landscapes on their tiles. Each player starts the game with the same starting tile in play. One player the "Leader" shuffles their tiles face down then removes five tiles from play without looking at them. On a turn the Leader reveals the next tile calls out the number on it then everyone places that same tile somewhere in their landscape with the adjacent edges of each pair of tiles needing to match. When the Leader draws a tile with a red number everyone places their piece then starting with the player who holds the God piece (initially the Leader) everyone draws a monument tile from the center of the playing area and places it on an area in their landscape. Monuments come in three colors (while the landscapes have areas in four colors) and you use only two monuments of a color for each player in the game. After placing monuments pass the God piece clockwise to the next player.
  • Details
    BGID: 225214
    Category: Mythology Puzzle
    Time: 15-20
    Designer: Toshiki Sato
    Players: 2-5
    Year: 2017
    Family: Solitaire Games
    Ages: 8+