Board Game Boom!

As with any industry, there are always trends.  Some things become "hot", others "not".  Right now in hobby gaming, everything seems to be on fire.  I knew Pokemon had blown up, but, as for everyone everywhere, getting pokemon product is extremely difficult.  Magic is one of the few products that only seems to go up in value over time, but I was still surprised at how much it has appreciated over the last year.  However, looking at our opening sales reciepts, what is eye opening is the board game segment.  Maybe this is just a local phenomenon?  Maybe it's the 80 games we added to our catalog right before the reopen?  Maybe it's pent up demand?  Maybe it's the fantastic new games that have been released recently?  Whatever the cause, board games are hot right now, and we've got some doozies in stock.  Enjoy!

We're back, baby!

This opening week has been a whirlwind, and the response from our community has been heartfelt and touching.  We're still working out kinks with logins and passwords and distributors and supply problems and covid precautions, but it's all moving forward.  The local support has been so strong that we haven't had time to bring our website purchasing back online.  In fact, the incredible success of our first few days reopening has meant that this week we've been absolutely swamped trying to order enough to restock all we sold.  That's a WONDERFUL problem.  We'll continue to prioritize the local community that continues to give us so much love and support.  Thank you all so much!

(Re)Opening Specials

We open on THURSDAY!!!!
We will have LOTS of great deals this weekend...
* A large selection of goods 50% off - some have experienced sun damage, some are just great deals.
* A "make an offer" table full of items on their way to eBay - get them before the Internet does.
* A "buy something, take one" table full of posters, promotional knick-knacks, etc... Including 6' tall posters and a Space Marine standee.
* LGG celebration pins to handout to mark our reopening, while supplies last, for everyone who makes a purchase.
* $10 Lake Geneva Games t-shirts (1 per customer) - with lots of sizes in stock at this moment.
What about the gaming rooms?
The gaming rooms are available by reservation for private play for up to 10 people. Reservations must be made in person.  Only one person needs to make the reservation. There is a $5 fee for reserving a room, or pay $20 and get $20 in store credit.  The purpose of the fee is to discourage frivolous reservations.  At this time masks are required in the game rooms, and no food or drink is allowed.  As soon as Wisconsin allows bars and restaurants to operate at full capacity, our game rooms will return to full capacity without reservation requirements.

Reopening April 15

After a long break due to covid, we are opening our doors again on Thursday, April 15.

When we shut down on March 23 2020, we did so for the safety of our community against a dangerous pandemic. In the year that has followed we've all had to make changes in our daily lives, a great many people have fallen ill, and many have died.  But our therapeutics have improved, and the extremely effective vaccines have been distributed in a manner that protects the most vulnerable first. Covid is not gone from our lives, but my perception is the threat is diminishing and by April 15 we will be significantly safer... to the point I feel comfortable reopening Lake Geneva Games once again to our fantastic community.

Why April 15?  The danger covid poses is incredibly uneven. Older individuals, for example, are much much more likely to experience deleterious effects.  If everyone's level of risk was the same as that of a healthy 20 year old person, covid wouldn't be much of a threat.  Wisconsin is making the vaccine available to the most vulnerable first, so when this first group is vaccinated the greatest proportion of danger will be diminished. On March 1st, Wisconsin is entering a new phase of vaccine distribution that expands access to more people, presumably because the most vulnerable will have been given a satisfactory opportunity for vaccination at that point in time.  Indeed, as of writing this, 14.5% of all Wisconsinites have received at least one dose of vaccine. ( If you are among those first and most vulnerable groups and receive the first shot of the moderna vaccine on March 1st, then you should receive a second shot 4 weeks later, and then 2 weeks after that your vaccination is considered "full strength".  That day would be Monday, April 12.  So, on April 12 it seems reasonable to me to consider those most at risk to have had the opportunity to complete their vaccination and be greatly shielded from harm. Since I didn't want to re-open on a Monday, I chose Thursday, April 15, as our return date.

What will "open" look like?  

You will be able to come inside to browse and shop. Alternatively, you can choose curbside pickup by shopping on our website (, then choose "In-Store Pickup" as the delivery option.  (The website is not accepting orders at this time, but it will once we re-open.)  You can also choose "pay by check" to pay for your order at pickup.  Give us a call (262-885-1515) when you are in the parking lot and we'll take your payment from you in your car (if not already paid) and deliver your purchase to your vehicle.

Will the gaming rooms be open?

The final decisions about this will be made in April, but it is likely they will be available by reservation for private groups of up to 10 people, likely with a small non-refundable fee to discourage frivolous bookings.  When bars and restaurants are allowed to open to 100% capacity, our game rooms will as well.  If masks are required in the store, they will also be required in the game rooms, probably alongside a "no food, no drink" policy.

Will masks be required?

We will comply with federal, state, and local guidelines.  So yes, I expect you will be required to wear a fabric mask that covers and encloses your nose and mouth to enter the store.  We will offer online shopping with curbside pickup to accommodate anyone who is unable to wear such a mask.