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    The board of this game consists of six rows. On each row, twelve gems (of several colors) are arranged. Each player places his pawn in front of one of those rows.Each player receives a playing card on which a shape consisting of several squares is depicted. Each player also gets 12 tiles consisting of 2, 3, 4 or 5 squares in some shape. By means of a dice roll, each player is assigned three or four tiles which he has the use to fill the shape on his card.Now, the players try to solve their own 'puzzle'. The race is timed by a sand glass. The outcome of this race determines the play on the main playing board.The player who was the first to solve his puzzle in time gets to move his pawn up to three rows, the player who came second may move two rows and the player in third may move a single row. The players may collect two gems from the front of the row their pawn is on, so the more rows you can move, the more control you have on what color gems you can collect.After collection gems, each player receives a new playing card with a new puzzle to solve, and a new round starts. In total, nine rounds are played.In the end, the player who has collected the most gems in a single color wins the game. - BoardGameGeek
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